What We Do

Toronto Mice Control

As part of our rodent pest control service in Toronto we offer a range of assistance to help keep Mice away from your home or place of work. Due to their similarities, mice are usually dealt with by us like rats. Mice control usually means that some form of rodenticide poison or lethal trap will be used to rid houses and businesses of these unwanted pests.

Toronto Rat Control

Rat control is yet another highly sought after pest control service that we offer for residents and commercial clients in the Newcastle Upon Tyne area. Depending on the size of the rodent infestation our services range from laying out pest traps, rodenticide poison spray and poisoned bait.

Toronto Cockroach Control

We can provide insecticide sprays or powder to as part of our insect pest control service to quickly and effectively remove serious and endemic cockroach infestations in Newcastle Upon Tyne. For milder infestations and outdoor invasions, we are able to offer a baited gel service that poisons the cockroaches. This is done through attracting them into a trap from which they can be easily disposed. As always, the clean-up of dead insects comes as standard from with our pest extermination service. Call us today for your free quote on cockroach control!



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